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High Performance Seal Material Improves High Pressure Safety


Two 4-cylinder and four 6-cylinder HOS reciprocating compressors located on three offshore platforms.


The compressors operating at 150°C (302°F), at a pressure of 200 bar with a decompression to 12 bar in 1 minute were experiencing failure of OEM sourced seals due to gas leaks. Each gas leak was reported to the HSE and due to safety concerns any future incidents would result in closure of the platforms.


PPE provided Endura® V91J O-rings and L-seals with PTFE back-up rings to provide high levels of explosive decompression resistance.


During six months in the field the compressors have operated consistently without a single leak.
The HSE were so impressed by the improvement they issued information to all North Sea platforms citing the case as an opportunity for improvement.

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