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Composite piston seals deliver 4.5 times better maintenance cycles

A new approach to the design of piston seals in a food process application resulted in a large improvement in the reliability of the component, and the efficiency of the process line.


A leading food processing company was experiencing issues with its PTFE piston sealing caps, used on a series of dispensing machines. While the sealing material had an inertness to the chemicals used in the clean-in-place procedures, it also suffered from poor elasticity over extended use – leading to sealing failure.


PPE Solution

PPE developed a new composite piston seal cap, comprising a nitrile lining which is chemically bonded to the inside of the PTFE seal. The seal acts as a sleeve on the metal piston used to dispense a range of foods. As the outer PTFE seal wears, the elasticity of the liner seal ensures the PTFE continues to maintain optimum sealing force against the piston wall – thus eliminating leaks.



The original PTFE seal had to be replaced every 100,000 cycles. With the new PPE composite seal, the component can go 450,000 cycles without the need for replacement. This four-fold improvement has enabled the dispensing machine to significantly improve productivity and output.

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