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Professional development training course

An introduction to elastomers and how O-rings work
A half day (2-3 hours) professional development course


This introductory level training course is available as a half day course or as a 2-3 hour mini workshop, held during a lunch period (lunch-and-learn) or as a breakfast briefing session; both options can be tailored specifically to the requirements of the hosting company (subject to a minimum group size).

This course provides an overview of the topics covered in the 1 day course to act as an introduction to elastomer technology and seal design.  Many of the fundamental topics and principles are applied to live projects throughout the course/workshop.

Contact Donna Maskell at PPE for further details and availability.

Attending this course will enable you to:

  • Understand basic polymer science and why elastomers are effective sealing materials
  • Define the range of elastomers available and understand their inherent strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ask appropriate questions of elastomer manufacturers in order to compare and evaluate the suitability of elastomer materials
  • Assess materials for suitability and specify the optimum elastomer material for any given application.
  • Identify the causes of seal failure and understand how these can be avoided.
  • Explain how O-rings seal and the different groove configurations.
  • Understand the effect of temperature, pressure and mechanical constraints on the effectiveness of O-rings seals.

Who should attend?
This course is designed for:

  • Purchasing Managers
  • Graduates
  • Sales & Marketing personnel
  • Customer service & support personnel
  • Trainees
  • Engineering Apprentices

“I enjoyed it and got a great deal of important information about material selection and sizing of o-rings in critical applications. I feel that I can now confidently design any o-ring seal”.

“Instructors were great. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on approach and group activities”.

“Information was given clearly and the instructors took time to make it easy to understand technical concepts”.

“A very beneficial day with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, which contributed to my sealing knowledge”.

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