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Wafer Handling Components

High purity, Perlast® perfluoroelastoer materials are widely used as wafer handling components such as end-effector pads as they prevent particulation due to their wholly organic nature.

PPE are experts in providing low contact force solutions and can help you optimise your designs using our materials expertise and advanced design tools, such as non-linear finite element analysis.

Small O-rings are commonly used as wafer handling components, however, custom designs of end-effector pads ensure improved pad retention into mating hardware and simplied assembly.

The PPE range of materials includes elastomers with both low and high coefficients of friction, to allow tailoring of wafer retention force.


Wafer handling components molded from dissipative elastomers to combat triboelectric charging and reduce electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.  Discover more.

 Benefits of using dissipative end effector pads:-

  • improved wafer yield 
  • increased profitability 
  • reduced need for costly rework 
  • improvement in-field failure rates 
  • lower warranty costs


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