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PPE offers a number of high performance elastomer materials,  in large cross sections including the EnDura® and Perlast® brands,  for use in down-hole packer applications. PPE provides materials with excellent chemical compatibility, high temperature resistance, high pressure capability and good physical properties (such as modulus and high elongation at break) to allow the packer to deform sufficiently and accommodate expansion, while preventing high pressure extrusion.

PPE utilizes specially designed manufacturing processes, tooling and specialized presses to prevent voids, cracks, or other defects within the packer elements that can otherwise be seen when manufacturing large cross section elastomers.

PPE can supply packing elements in the same material formulations as seals and O-rings on the down-hole tool.  This simplifies qualification procedures and ensures all of the elastomer products on a tool are manufactured to the same high quality standard.

Packing elements are available in billets or in custom molded shapes and benefits include:-

  • Defect-free manufacturing technology
  • Resistance to drilling, completion, production fluids and sour gas
  • Seals and packers are available in the same material
  • Billets and machined parts are available
  • Custom molded shapes for demanding applications
  • Available in Perlast® FFKM. 

Contact the PPE Product Support Team for assistance in specifying your packer applications.

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