2012 lead-time and on-time delivery performance annual results

by Donna Maskell | Feb 04, 2013

Short Lead Times and Outstanding On-Time Delivery Performance
from Precision Polymer Engineering

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance moulded elastomer seals, has just announced its annual performance review summary for 2012. As part of PPE’s commitment to outstanding customer service, the company produces scorecards for each of its top-tier customers every quarter. These scorecards report key metrics such as on-time delivery and any reported quality issues.

A summary of these scorecards for the whole of 2012 demonstrates the industry-leading customer service performance provided by PPE. For example, of 50,556 order lines manufactured and delivered in 2012, the on-time delivery performance was around 93% when measured against the customer’s requested delivery date. This is across more than 6.3M components, manufactured to order in a wide range of materials and across a huge range of sizes, including custom sizes. These results are all the more impressive considering that PPE also offers the fastest lead times in the industry, with a standard capability of delivering most sizes of O-rings, in 1 - 2 weeks and as fast as 48 hours for urgent requirements. An equally impressive fact is that of the small proportion of parts delivered late, the average late time was only 3 hours 45 minutes.

Managing Director of PPE, Paul Gillyon said, “Our customers’ businesses depend on reliable on-time delivery. Many of our customers are manufacturing complex and critical equipment and we do not want to cause them any hold-ups or anxiety over quality issues. Our aim is to be a role model supplier to all of our customers. That is why we invest in people and equipment and we measure and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of customer service – so that our customers know they can rely on PPE.”

To find out more about PPE, please visit www.prepol.com, telephone +44 (0) 1254 295400 or email prepol.sales@idexcorp.com

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