PPE showcases Kimura range at Semicon West 2012

by Donna Maskell | Jul 30, 2012

PPE presents the Kimura range at Semicon West 2012

Kimura – Combining Purity and Performance for Reliable Results

Kimura o-ringsPrecision Polymer Engineering (PPE), manufacturer of high performance elastomer sealing solutions, will be showcasing its purest range of elastomers, Kimura, at Semicon West 2012 in San Francisco.

Reduced particulation, increased yields, extended seal life, extended maintenance intervals and lower cost of ownership are some of the benefits provided by Kimura sealing materials.  The Kimura range represents the latest advance in elastomer technology, the materials feature a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure that avoids the need for fillers of any kind.  Kimura's absence of fillers prevents the differential erosion rates associated with filled grades in aggressive process plasmas, resulting in reduced particulation and the Kimura seals lasting longer than fluoroelastomer (FKM) and perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) seals in both hot and cold processes. 

The Kimura range, comprising three material grades, has been developed to provide a significant step-change in sealing performance to support the continued drive towards lower feature sizes beyond the 65nm node.   The elastomers address the particulation and thermal expansion issues that can arise with FKM and high purity FFKM seals in Etch, CVD, ALD and PLD processes.

Kimura's low thermal expansion enables the seals to be retro-fitted into existing O-ring glands designed for FKM and FFKM materials in older etching chambers. Additionally, the materials exhibit low stiction in dynamic applications such as  L-motion gates, door seals and throttle valves, as compared to FFKMs.

PPE is committed to customer service, quick response and delivery times and supplying practical and reliable solutions to the international semiconductor industry.

Managing Director of PPE, Paul Gillyon, said: “We are delighted to bring this valuable range of products to the international market at Semicon. We look forward to sharing with customers its superior performance, reliability, adaptability and its ability to add value.

“PPE is committed to designing and developing products that meet our customers’ needs and engaging in programmes of improvements if necessary. We work in partnership with clients and respond swiftly to create permanent and reliable solutions.”

PPE’s vision is to add value, optimise performance and solve customers’ sealing problems by providing advanced sealing solutions for their most critical applications. The company’s core values are focused on exceptional quality, responsiveness, fast deliveries and technical expertise.

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Notes to editors:

Key benefits of Kimura

  • Extended seal life due to lower plasma etch rates,
  • Increased yields as a result of less particulation defects,
  • Easier strip-down of equipment due to reduced adhesion of used seals to mating hardware,
  • Faster vacuum pump-down due to low permeation properties,
  • Reduced metal oxidization due to low (oxygen) O2 permeation,
  • Longer-lasting seals which maximize maintenance intervals and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

About PPE

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd (PPE) is a leading provider of high performance O-rings, technical mouldings and sealing solutions to a diverse range of industries.  Its markets are global, and include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, oil & gas industries, food and pharmaceutical production, chemical processing, large-bore diesel engines and aerospace.

Founded in 1975, and based in Blackburn, England, PPE has sales offices and dealers in the US, Europe and Asia.  The company’s success is based on the continual development of new elastomer materials combined with exceptional levels of customer service and technical support.

In 2010, PPE was acquired by IDEX Corporation, a global leader in fluid and metering technologies, serving a wide variety of high growth specialised markets.

For more information on Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd (PPE) visit www.prepol.com.

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