Perlast G75TX marks step change in seal temperature and chemical resistance in chemical processing

by Aidan Towers | Jan 09, 2012
Ultra-low compression set performance extends service life

High temperature resistance, together with improvements in mechanical and chemical resistance,

now possible with the new Perlast G75TX perfluoroelastomer, mark a step change in sealing

Developed by Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), a unit of IDEX Corp., Perlast G75TX is the first
perfluoroelastomer to overcome the poor compression performance normally associated with
perfluoroelastomers at high temperatures. An ultra-low compression set of just 8%, compared with the more typical 38%, gives the elastomer a longer, in-service life in, for example, valves, pumps and mechanical seals.

In addition, Perlast G75TX has been formulated to provide improved resistance to aggressive
chemicals such as acids and amines. By reducing the elastomer's permeability, it is less prone to
swelling and more resistant to the effects of high temperature steam.

“Perlast G75TX is the culmination of perfluoroelastomer developments at PPE over the past 5 years that have systematically improved the elastomer's high temperature performance, then chemical resistance and now finally compression set. It sets a new performance benchmark for
perfluoroelastomers that simultaneously extends the elastomer's operating limits in chemical
processes,” says David Holt, business development director, PPE Ltd.

Perlast G75TX is suitable for both dynamic and static applications in the temperature range +327°C (+621°F) to -15°C (+5°F). It can be fully moulded into O-rings (any size up to 2.5m/8ft internal diameter) and custom shapes.

For more information on Perlast G75TX contact Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) on +44 (0)1254 295400, email and visit the PPE web site

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