O-ring Sizes

An O-ring, or toroidal seal, is the most common type of seal used in the world today. 
Used to form a physical barrier to prevent the mixing of gases or liquid fluids, the simple toroidal shape of an O-ring has proven to offer high sealing efficiency across a wide range of applications.

PPE manufactures O-rings to any of the following international standard O-ring sizes:-

  • AS568 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Aerospace Standard O-ring sizes

  • ISO3601 International Organisation for Standardisation (metric O-rings)

  • British Standard BS1806 O-ring sizes (imperial) -replaced by ISO3601 standard

  • British Standard BS4518 O-ring sizes (metric O-rings)

  • British Standard extended series 500-800 O-ring sizes (imperial)

  • British Dowty O-ring sizes

  • German Standard DIN3771 metric O-ring sizes -replaced by ISO3601 standard

  • Le Joint Français 'R' metric O-ring sizes

  • Japanese Standard JIS B 2401 (P, G and V) O-ring sizes

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